Recital May 2019

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Why learn music?

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Learning music prepares an individual for the rigors of school and employment. Studies by top universities have shown that learning music helps children with their reading, writing and math skills. In childhood, neural connections between brain cells form in response to learning and experience. More neural resources are allocated to brain areas associated with greater usage. As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it!” Music is inherently mathematical; the intervals in scales, arrangement of keys and subdivisions of rhythm all follow mathematical principals. Playing violin in orchestra provides an avenue for a child to connect with other musicians and build teamwork, listening skills and friendships. The benefits are countless! Read more at my official violin website.

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Sarah Ho Violin Studio Winter Recital 2013

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I am grateful to have such wonderful students and so proud of all of them for performing beautifully and euphonically on their first recital!

DSC_1479My students, myself and Aimee playing Pachelbel’s Canon.DSC_1579


My lovely students

DSC_1541 ImageImage

With less than 6 months of private lessons under her belt, Grace was playing Minuets, Pachelbel’s Canon, and contemporary pieces such as “I See The Light” from the motion picture “Tangled.” What I admire about her is her innate passion and drive to succeed at violin. Below is her performance from the Winter Recital in December 2013.

Private Violin Lessons in West LA

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Trained in the Suzuki method by award winning violinists Gu Guo Ping and Ou Yang Liu, Sarah has over 12 years of orchestral and performance experience. She played in the Senior Level of California Youth Symphony and El Camino Youth Symphony for five years and has performed at universities and churches around California. She has recorded violin and piano professionally with Radio Taiwan International.

Sarah offers lessons in her home studio for students in the Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Westwood, Culver City and West Los Angeles area. Sarah carefully tailors her lessons to each student according to their goals, personality and talents.  Sarah teaches a variety of styles including classical and contemporary popular, and trains beginner students in the Suzuki method. Emphasizing music performance, note-reading, music theory, scales and technique, music improvisation and composition, she strives to give each student a holistic musical foundation upon which they can build on for other instruments.

She specializes in teaching beginners and children. Sarah is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 10.07.20 AM


Ethan learning to hold the violin.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 10.03.19 AM



Tova learning to pluck.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 10.07.02 AM


Kyle learning to bow with good form.

For more information on group and private lesson rates you may contact Sarah Ho at:

sarahho61 [at]

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